Benefits of Drinking Ozone Water

In South Africa, water from the tap can generally be safe to drink, due to basic water treatment plants in the country.

However, ozone treatment is an excellent choice in water purification. The principle is adding an atom to oxygen molecules to form O3. The O3 is used for water purification as it has been proven to purify water well and add oxygen to it.

Ozone water treatment aims at treating all the water contaminants in a fast and efficient manner. This method of water treatment is environmentally friendly and does not affect aquatic life.

The Process of Ozone Water Treatment

The ozone water treatment process combines the manufacture of ozone gas and the application of this gas to the water that should be cleaned. The production of ozone gas is done by specialised equipment that creates ozone using the corona discharge process. The corona discharge takes place when high-voltage electricity passes through oxygen molecules resulting in the generation of ozone as the end result.

When the ozone is produced, it is poured into the water which needs to be cleaned. The ozone molecules readily attach to and annihilate micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants in water. The ozone molecules act as oxidizing agents, which then eliminate contaminants. After that, they break down into oxygen molecules with no toxic residues or any by-product left behind.

Any unreacted ozone that is not consumed during the process returns to its original oxygen state in about a minute. The water is passed through treatment plants again to remove any remaining pollutants and solids before the water is discharged for use. Ozone water treatment can be applied to multiple water sources, such as domestic water, wastewater, and even swimming pool water.

Benefits of Ozone Water

There are many benefits that one receives when drinking ozone water, since it contains more dissolved oxygen and ozone molecules which give the drink a unique aroma and quality.

Improved Immune System

Drinking ozone water may strengthen the immune system, preventing infections and diseases, since the water is free from harmful contaminants.

Better Hydration

Ozone water is pleasant to drink due to its particular flavour and coolness. Because of this, you may end up consuming more water and reaping the many benefits of drinking water.

Enhancement of Oxygen Levels

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen that readily combines with molecules. The catalytic effect of ozone significantly enhances the oxygen saturation level in water, which is crucial for maintaining biodiversity and human well-being.

Standard vs. Ozone Water

Both treated and ozone-treated waters are considered safe. However, ozone offers significant advantages. In regions like Johannesburg, where water quality can vary greatly, opting for ozone-treated water instils confidence in its safety. Not only is it safe, but it is also beneficial to one’s general well-being.


The shift to ozone water may at first seem insignificant, but in reality, it may make you feel significantly better and live a healthier life. Visit our website or any of the various outlets of MANZI Water in South Africa and get your ozone water today.